Mimeomeme disseminates unusual sound art made by an eclectic collective of artists involved with phonography, no- and low-fidelity recordings, raw digital data, plunderphonics, primitive analog synthesis, noise, infrasound, and tape cut-ups as well as other oblique, not-yet-classified sonic epiphenomena.


Mimeomeme is proud to announce its newest release from Alex Keller and Sean O'Neil!!


Alex Keller

Meant to both reflect and create a moment in time and place, the piece LCLX was made with remastered and resequenced versions of the same recordings Keller and O’Neill made for their first performance together, at the 2015 NMASS Festival. The source recordings were made with acoustic and electromagnetic microphone techniques at Charles Alan Wright Intramural Field in Austin, Texas. The many ambient hums of the giant lights known to blind the neighborhood, as well as interactions with neighbors and the space, are very evident in the final piece.

Alex Keller and Sean O’Neill have collaborated in performance and installation pieces since 2015. Using field recordings, vintage telephone test equipment, magnetic oscillators, light and space, their work has addressed the agents and artifacts of change in the urban and acoustic realms. In 2017, they released an LP called Kruos on the Elevator Bath label, about which Creaig Dunton from Brainwashed wrote "...a complex, nuanced work of sound art, conjured up from some rather rudimentary sources, largely just field recordings and a telephone test synthesizer. It is a bit of a difficult, unsettling experience at times, but a strong one nonetheless."

Recent Releases


Alex Keller
"Black Out"

In Black out, Alex Keller uses slowly developing sounds to manipulate the acoustic and mechanical properties of a room, in an exploration of the natural rhythm of breath, and the stasis that emerges from its absence.

The piece evolved from a series of experiments with electronic sound generators. The resulting recordings, multiple layers of low frequency sounds, were then played back and re-recorded at Salvage Vanguard Theater in Austin.

In the final recordings, the theater's lights and other fixtures rustle, vibrate, and wheeze in sympathy with the oscillating sounds, transforming the entire room into an idiosyncratic breathing organism. We've presented those recordings here with minimal corrective editing and processing.
Black out is a numbered edition of 150, with Risographic printing on silver paper



Seattle Phonographers Union
"Seattle Phonographers Union"
CD and/mim1

The Seattle Phonographers Union celebrates the release of their eponymous CD, "Seattle Phonographers Union", a co-operative effort between Seattle-based imprints and/OAR and Mimeomeme.
This CD collects unedited sections culled from favorite performances spanning from 2004 to 2008. Performers include Steve Barsotti, Peter Comley, Katie Gately, Mark Griswold, Doug Haire, Susie Kozawa, Dale Lloyd, Perri Lynch, Rob Millis, Toby Paddock, Heather Perkins, Steve Peters, and Jonathan Way.

(and/OAR is a long standing recording label committed to releasing unique and interesting environmental recordings and various kinds of avant-garde sound art that somehow utilizes environmental recording(s). www.and-oar.org)




"Draws the Atlantic"

CD mimeo007

The new 6 panel digipak from Atlatl!
Spikes of analog frequencies stutter and stumble through the fractured network, evoking surreal territories, whose inhabitants metamorphose and clash through failed attempts at evolution.
Culled from two studio sessions, the thirteen tracks presented here have been selected and edited by Alex Keller revealing the visceral soundscape within.
Atlatl(aka Phil Hendricks)uses analog modular electronics to explore evocative scapes where even faults and imperfections are allowed to interact and create evolving organic terrain.





Eric Leonardson and Steve Barsotti

CD trans/mim0125

Rarebit is the culmination of a four-year project by sound artists and instrument inventors Steve Barsotti and Eric Leonardson. Taking their cues from 20th Century sound artist-inventors Luigi Russolo and Harry Partch, the self-built instruments of Barsotti and Leonardson use coil springs, eyebolts, various pieces of wood, and other familiar materials These objects are amplified by contact microphones, which produce sounds of incredible depth and texture, and an amazing richness and variety that belie their humble origins. Given these novel sounds, Leonardson and Barsotti’s music retains human-level gestures as one expects from traditional acoustic music, yet with an emphasis on texture and timbre instead of melody or meter.
Seven of the nine pieces on the CD are improvised pieces and two were composed. They create streams of sound that move fluidly from scene to scene with a communicative style and a dramatic sense of presence and dynamic range: from effervescent burbling, animal-like whines and grunts, to gritty metallic drones that transform into forlorn hissing and ethereal soundscapes. Some passages are nearly silent, breathy, and tranquil.


Steve Barsotti
"Along These Lines"
CDR mimeo008

Subtle fluttering fragments that boarder on the inaudible float across the stereo spectrum and hover on the fringes of perception are interspersed with glitchy shards that dance on the edge of the speaker cone and threaten to pierce through into the room The newest collection of works by Seattle sound artist Steve Barsotti featuring works for invented instruments, electronics  and field recordings.  Limited edition of 200

“Terraces is built out of steppes, plateaus and crevices I would never have dared on my own. Mundane sounds become monumental events, subtleties are substantiated, echoes made epic, and shades of doubt edited out.  Composed out of an improvised set, Terraces articulates thresholds where land meets sky, sea meets shore, and where one's inner landscape converges with the outside world.”  - Perri Lynch


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