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catalogue number: and/mim1
artist: Seattle Phonographers Union
title:Seattle Phonographers Union
price $10.00

Track Listing:

1. Sonarchy: March 17, 2007
2. Chapel Performance Space: February 29, 2008
3. Contemporary Crafts Gallery: September 16, 2004
4. Hollow Earth Radio: September 8, 2008
5. Decibel Festival: May 24, 2007

The Seattle Phonographers Union is a protean collective of sound artists, composers, and recordists who improvise live in real-time with unprocessed field recordings collected around the world. We strive to create compelling juxtapositions of everyday and esoteric sounds: A flock of pigeons may alight near flowing water and distant temple bells while a long wire fence shimmers in the wind.

This disc collects unedited sections culled from our favorite performances spanning 2004 to 2008. Performers include Steve Barsotti, Peter Comley, Katie Gately, Mark Griswold, Doug Haire, Susie Kozawa, Dale Lloyd, Perri Lynch, Rob Millis, Toby Paddock, Heather Perkins, Steve Peters, and Jonathan Way. A co-release with and/OAR and Mimeomeme.

The Seattle Phonographers Union is a collective of artists, some of which have previous releases on Mimeogr.. er I mean Mimeomeme.
- Steve Barsotti
- Peter Comley
- Christopher DeLaurenti
- Katie Gately
- Mark Griswold
- Doug Haire
- Susie Kozawa (also of Aono Jikken Ensemble)
- Dale Lloyd
- Perri Lynch
- Robert Millis  (also of Climax Golden Twins)
- Toby Paddock
- Heather Perkins
- Steve Peters
- Jonathan Way

More info on the Seattle Phonographers Union can be found at www.seapho.org.
More info and releases from and/OAR can be found at www.and-oar.org